Customized Virtual Tours offer a significant number of features and variations for the unique presentation of your business. These customized tours can have "hot spot" links to jump to a particular location in the business, or a particular section of your website.  They can have pop-up info panels, embedded video, sound tracks, almost anything you can think of. Let us create a unique tour of your business.  Click the links below for examples of customized tours:

​ ​​Professional Hospitality Photographer

​Additional examples of my Google Street View Virtual Tours

Street View Virtual Tours with Easy Navigation Overlay

Business Photos- powered by Google Street View

An Easy Navigation Overlay simplifies navigation for the user by showing arrows for each choice of moving to more 360 images.  Google's native layout only shows the choices if you are pointing in the direction of another connected image.  This is a low cost option to help guide viewers through your virtual tour, as they can clearly see where they can go.  Helpful when it isn't clear or obvious  where you can go, or when Google does not show connections due to there being too much distance between the images, as on a golf course.  Click the links below for examples of tours with simple overlays:

​ ​​Google 360 Certified

These virtual tours are created by taking a series of 360 photos for each position in the tour using a high end DSLR camera with a fisheye lens. It is mounted on a tripod with a special rotator attachment which enables me to shoot all the way around for each spot.  The images are shot in multi-frame HDR bracketed sets, allowing the resulting final merged image to appear as if I used special lighting, revealing a beautifully exposed result every time.

The Google tours are presented in searches and on Maps, mixed with other photos and 360s from local Street View, including any other photos uploaded by users that are geo-tagged for the area.  

Google offers the ability to have a 360 Street View virtual tour done of your business, inside and out.  It is attached to your company's Google Business listing, your most visible asset in Google searches. From Google:  "When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.  On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.  Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest."

Completley ​Customized, Interactive 360 Degree Virtual Tours

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